An Action-Packed Metroidvania Game Coming To Steam Soon!

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Video: March, 2016 Version 0.6 Build

Screenshots: October, 2016 Version 0.8 Build

The Game

Jarvis is a metroidvania game set in a far away land where an evil force has awakened. Amidst the chaos an unlikely hero is summoned forth.

In order to save the lands from the evil that plagues it, you must venture through haunted forests, dark caves, ancient ruins, demonic castles and defeat the dark entities that stands in your way.

Throughout the game you will gather abilities, master spells and uncover secret treasures that will aid you on your quest.


  • Enjoy a fun action-packed experience inspired by classic platform games
  • Explore a colourful world filled with sights such as forests, caves, castles, shrines and ruins
  • Learn and master spells, skills and abilities
  • Battle challenging and exciting bosses
  • Visit the local town to regroup and improve your gear
  • Listen to the melodic soundtrack composed by Simon Petersson
  • Create and modify areas using the developer editor

  • Follow Jarvis

    The game is still under development and you can follow its progress on the following sites below:

    Facebook | Twitter | Devlog | IndieDB